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I’m up at my usual school time, 5:30, but I’m not going anywhere, Minnesota’s governor has called off school today.  Although I scoff at those who are so afraid of this weather, I can understand why, most folks don’t know how to handle the cold.  Some don’t even make an attempt to dress for the cold.images

With 60 years under my belt I’ve seen a few cold winters.  Since I’ve never been really cold I don’t mind these temperatures.  That does not mean you will find me outside doing a little happy dance, I don’t have to spend much time out and I will not.  I’ll make my trips to the wood pile, and start up the truck and make a trip to town. but when I do, I’ll be ready for it.  You will not see me out in these temperatures with bare skin showing.

That is not the case of some here.  We’ve become too used to the heated cars, heated houses and heated work places, we do not have to prepare for cold.  Some seem to flaunt their Minnesota tough reputation and dress like it’s summer all year long.  However when you ask those who have to be out, that is different, they know how to dress to go out in these temperatures.  They also know that it is not the cold temperatures that will shut you down, it’s the wind.Unknown

So here are some thoughts for you as you make your way out into the cold cruel world.

  • Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.  Always have emergency gear close at hand, even for short trips.
  • That car of yours may be nice and warm, but what if it breaks down or goes in the ditch.  Can you survive hours out in today’s cold?
  • Don’t overdo it, sweat under your clothing is your enemy.  Dressing in layers helps to let in just enough cold when you need it.
  • What if that cell phone fails?  Can you signal help in some other way?
  • When the weatherman says stay home, stay home.  Would you be willing to brave the weather to rescue a stranger?
  • Cover your lid.  Most of your heat is lost out of the head.  A warm hat will do more to keep you warm than anything you can wear.
  • Fashion be damned.  When it’s really cold out, being dressed warmly is better than being stylish.
  • Don’t be a last minute person.  To be truly safe is a lifetime job.

Ok, so I know this does not cover all of the bases, but it should get you thinking.  Am I really ready to go out in this cold weather?  Take a few minutes to plan before you have to panic.



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