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Snow attracts snow
January 21, 2014, 10:55 am
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Snow attracts snow. Unknown I’m sure this statement is true.  If you push a little snow into a pile, the next time it blows the pile gets bigger!images

It also seems to be true in weather.  An early snow event that lasts seems to be what keeps snow around for the winter here in Southwestern Minnesota.  If we get snow early, we have more snow than if we do not.  If we have a lot of snow well into spring, you can be sure that more snow will fall.

Our current snow depth is only about 8 inches, yet areas not far to our west and south have no snow, and areas east of us have much more, and for them it keeps falling.  ssm_depth.2014012116.0.600.450._13410.3882._12571.5001.dem.shading.fim.m. keep getting just a little snow, then the wind blows in and moves it into piles just where we do not want it.

I really do like snow.  It’s the blowing snow I do not like.  Howling winds push the chill into your bones.  A nice gentle snowfall will not make you all that cold.  So go ahead, let a little snow fall, just keep those winds away.



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