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Orange bus in the snow

I enjoy being a school bus driver.  I really do.  But there are days like yesterday that driving school bus is not fun.100_0762

I could tell already when we got the kids to school yesterday that we would be taking them home soon.  There had been a bit of new snow, and more was falling.  It was not the new fallen snow that had me worried, it was the forecast for 30 to 40 mph winds later in the day.

When we got the word that schools would be closing at 9:30, I was more concerned about getting the kids home, than getting me home afterwards.  I did make the trip with the kids out into the country, but I did not get them all home.  I returned to the school with three families kids still in my bus, and another that I had left off at grandma’s rather than attempt getting to their place.  I would rank it as one of the worst two bus trips I have made in 20 years of driving bus.

This morning when I made my route, there were still cars stuck in snow drifts on the county road.  Yes, on the road!  I know that the plow drivers and wreckers had been busy during the night with semi’s in the ditch.  I was glad to have been home for the worst of it.

Out here on the prairie of southwestern Minnesota, we worry more about the wind than temperatures or snowfall.  We really have not had that much cold or snow this year, but we have had wind!  More is forecast for tonight.  It could be an interesting morning on the school bus route!

So please drive safely.  Stay off the roads when visibility is bad, and look out for me.  I’ll be in that big school bus trying to get that precious cargo to and from school.



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I think your definition of “not much cold or snow” is much different than mine haha. I would not want to be up there

Comment by cdmiller07

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