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Always right!

I’ve been accused of always thinking that my way is the only way.  I’ve been told that I can speak on any subject with passion and conviction in my voice.  Those of you who have done this are probably out there reading this now and smiling in understanding.  Well, I can tell you that I am not always right, just ask my bride.  On those subjects that I know, I believe I am right.  I’ve had 60 years to learn and have been active in many things in those 60 years.  I am still learning and upgrading my understanding of the world around me.images

To have the confidence to write and talk to others you have to have passion for your subject.  To me that means that I have researched options and come to a conclusion that is right for me.  I am always open to have my assumptions corrected.  I’ve been on both sides of some very controversial subjects and may change my mind again if the facts prove me wrong.  The thing is I try to let facts form my opinions, not other people’s opinions.

imagesI believe that there are some subjects that I know better than most do, and on those subjects, I will stand up for what I believe.

So go ahead, ask me questions about agriculture.  I know and understand my part of agriculture and have talked to those in other parts.  I am passionate about getting the right information out about agriculture.

There are many other subjects related to agriculture like the genetically modified plants that we use, or herbicides, insecticides, these all I am sure I know better than those not in agriculture.  If you are going to make a comment that I do not believe in, I am going to call you on it. I have confidence in my facts, we’ll have to see if your facts are just as strong.  I’ve some really crazy facts in my brain that may shake your world, so go ahead and challenge me, but be ready with facts, not opinions.Unknown



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Being able to “unlearn,” so to speak, is a big part of intelligence.

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