Minnesota Farmer

Born to Minnesota

I think you have to be born to be a Minnesotan, especially in winter.  Who else would be crazy enough to like this stuff?  For many Minnesotans this is fun!imagesFor a few Minnesotans this is fun.images-2I know, I have family that has abandoned me here as they seek warmer climates, and then I have family that thinks this is fun.images

Me, I’ve reached the age where I prefer to sit by the fire when it’s really cold, but a bit of snow fun is not out of line for me.

Today was a work day for me.  Once I had my morning school bus route in, I had grain to haul to the ethanol plant.  I had the no fun job of getting a very cold truck started.  Since the truck is old and the heater in it not very good, plus there are a few holes in the floor, I was not warm while driving it.  Still, the work must be done.  I have a few more days of hauling before I’m done, so I would like some sunshine and warmer weather, no such luck.

Still, I don’t mind.  You put on enough layers and retreat to a warm place when you can.  Then when the wind howls, you don’t go.  That part makes surviving a winter like this easier.  I have wood in the wood pile, a nice house to retreat to and things to do when I am home.  As long as I don’t have to travel when the snow blows, I do like winter.



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