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It’s not the snow
February 1, 2014, 7:32 am
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I just totaled up the snowfall for the month of January, and it came to three and a half inches.  With all of the weather problems we have had here in southwestern Minnesota you would think we have had more, but as is always the case with winter here on the prairie it isn’t the snow, it’s the blow.100_2544

We’ve had too many of these days when you have trouble seeing across the yard because of blowing snow.  It seems as if we only get a few flakes of snow and the winds pick up and rearrange them.  100_2542

I currently have about four feet of snow piled behind my snow fence, and every time the wind blows more than 20 mph I have to go out to the hog barn and move a big pile of snow so Tony can get to it.  I spend hours moving snow after one of those big blows.  I’m just thankful we have the machinery to make the job a bit easier and I can sit in a warm cab while I do it.

Maybe the crazy days we get here when the wind blows are why we treasure the sunny, almost warm feeling days that come between.  There really is nothing like a blanket of snow in the sun.  We may complain about winter here, but we enjoy it also.  Why else would we stay here?



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