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Other peoples money
February 23, 2014, 2:33 pm
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The problem with some forms of government is eventually you run out of other people’s money.1959359_302501019875058_128161590_nWe here in the U.S. have a government of, by and for the people.  It is a government run by people with all of their desires, prejudices, weaknesses and strengths.  There are people in our country that need help, the problem becomes how to pay for that help.  I understand the willingness of those not in the top 1% of wealth in this country to make the top 1% pay.  The problem is that eventually those with the means, move to less taxing countries.

Last year a record number of U.S. citizens renounced their citizenship because of taxing concerns.  So far the number is low, but it is rising. There are bloggers out there who will tell you why you should leave the U.S. and where your Yankee Dollar will bring you the best life.  For most of us that is not in the realm of possibility, yet it is happening.

As our government gives more and more people a free pass on their problems, more and more people look to ways they can get out from under their tax burden.  When you see people who could work getting full disability you wonder why.  When I see citizens passing on jobs that are available, only to have those jobs taken by new citizens or even the legal or illegal immigrant, I do a slow burn, especially when some U.S. citizen complains about illegals taking American jobs.

Our country is being made new again by all of those who are seeking work and a better life here, just as our ancestors did.  They come here ready to work.  If our people will not work, perhaps they are the ones who should be deported.  Yes, it is right to help the widow and the orphan, but not the able-bodied.

Every year it is harder and harder to get people to harvest and process the food we raise here.  Increasingly those jobs, which could be seasonal, and are always hard and messy, are taken by those new to this country.  It is time to convince those who can work, but do not, to take some of the jobs that our immigrants are.  We need to work our way out of this mess in the making.



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Some common sense spoken right there !!

Comment by Jim

I think we should be proud that people are still willing to come to this country, even if illegally. Immigrants aren’t a drain on our economy and usually are more than willing to pay taxes and get involved in communities. When those from other nations stop wishing and trying to come to America, that is when we should be very concerned. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by cdmiller07

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