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Sunrise poetry
February 27, 2014, 12:00 pm
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I drive a morning school bus route.  I head west out of town in the predawn dark and get to watch the sunrise as I come back into town.  The sunrises of the last few days have been spectacular, and amazingly different.  Because I am driving I am not able to take pictures of them.  I have tried to use words to show the view I have had.

For a few days we have had some clouds at sunrise.  The emerging sun rose slowly painting the sky with pastel oranges and yellows flowing into blues and greens over the stark blue-white snow and the black trees on the horizon.  If by chance the clouds on the horizon have been thicker they will be outlined by a rainbow of colors.  Once in a while, if the sunrise is truly spectacular, the kids on the bus will raise their eyes from their iPads and notice the show.

Today was dramatically different.  The sky was cloudless.  Today the sun seemed to leap into the baby blue sky.  It went from a glow to a blazing yellow-white ball in the blink of an eye.  Today it was not the sky that put on the show, but the snow.  Blue shadows on the white snow cast wonderful patterns all over the place.  Snow ridges that had been sculpted by the wind were highlighted.  Bits of blown dirt and sand made arcs and swoops along the road.  Chunks of ice thrown off of the road by snow removal equipment made polka dots along the road.  Ice ridges made by compacted snow on the road made ribbons of white on the gravel roads.  I was entranced by the variations of pattern and shading created by the rising sun.  No one on the bus seemed to notice but me.

I have always enjoyed the sunrise more than the sunset.  It is more often enjoyed by people who are alone and thus much more personal than a sunset with friends and family.  Sunrise on the prairie is so different day to day.  I invite you to linger some morning over a sunrise.  I’m sure you will also enjoy the poetry of color that only a prairie sunrise can perform.



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