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Label Magic?

A few weeks ago General Mills announced that their Cheerios would now be GMO free.  I knew that the main ingredients in Cheerios was oats, and that there were no GMO oat varieties, so what did General Mills do to make Cheerios GMO free.images

According to the Cheerios website, the only changes made in Cheerios was to source non-GMO corn starch and cane sugar.  Original Cheerios has always prided itself in having only a few grams of sugar, and corn starch is not a major part of Cheerios either, so what is the big deal?  Really, not much, but here is the rest of the story.images-2There have been other changes in Cheerios that they are not talking about.  The new non-GMO Cheerios now come in a smaller box, and some of the vitamins that were there are now gone.  The Farmer’s Daughter blog highlighted those changes in a way that says it better than I could, I invite you to check it out.  One of the main changes, is that it is hard to source non-GMO vitamins anymore, and the last producer of those non-GMO vitamins has closed.  You need GMO’s to make the added nutrition.

So here it is, your new Cheerios may be GMO free, but they will have less nutrition and more fat, all in a smaller box that still costs you the same.  I don’t see the value in that tradeoff.



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