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Crazy Comments

Having a blog has been very interesting for me, but sometimes the comments that you get are just laugh out loud ridiculous.  Mostly those crazy comments fall in to the robo response area where it seems that random words have been tacked together.  Sometimes it seems as if the commenter is a non-english speaker, doing their best to make themselves understood, but those are mostly harmless, and I delete them.  Others are alarming.

As a farmer I have a very good understanding of the way I farm.  I also try to listen and learn about the ways that others farm.  Farming and ranching is so site specific.  What works for one may not work for the neighbor down the road and rarely works for someone 100 miles away.  This is not a one size fits all occupation.  So when someone tries to put all farmers and ranchers into the same round hole it is usual that the square peg does not fit.529984_495798610485209_1247879837_n

I’ve learned a lot from those who farm differently from me.  Once in a while I still make crazy comments, but they come less often with age.  There are some however who may never learn.  They have certain ideas in their head, and all others are wrong.  Usually these zealots fall into the hater column.  They need to feel superior to all others and they think their narrow world view is the only one.  Usually their information comes from popular press, internet searches or TV “information” shows that are more “shock” than truth.  The really depressing views are those that come from food companies.

Food companies are under a lot of pressure from “interest” groups of all kinds.  There are humane organizations and vegan groups promoting everything from “better” ways to handle livestock to those who want livestock farming completely eliminated.  There are also those who distrust modern science, those who think that any advancement beyond “traditional” farming (Whatever that is.) is immoral, un-healthy or will kill off the human population.  There are the envious, who just cannot stand it that someone is successful, and they are not.  Sometimes these food companies will make statements to appease these groups without really understanding the unintended consequences of their statements.

We live in a complex world.  There are no simple solutions.  Those making the crazy comments seem to expect a simple answer to a very complex question.  It is disheartening when those making the crazy comments expect you to change to fit their world view.

Every generation of farmers has learned from the last.  We know what works best for our situation.  It may not fit the world view of those who do not farm, but if you pay us well enough, we will change to fit the market.  Plowing with a pencil is so much different from being in the field making a living off of the land.  Please stop making those crazy comments and come out and learn what the reality is on the farm.Unknown



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