Minnesota Farmer

Cold again, naturally

If there is one thing you can say for sure of Minnesota weather, it is that it’s unpredictable.  Late last week we had some really glorious days, it seemed as if spring was just around the corner.  This morning we woke to 11 degrees.  Not exactly planting weather.

But wait, we were not the only ones with cold weather.  This cold pushed all the way into Texas!  Spring is definitely not just around the corner.

We here in southwestern Minnesota have been lucky, we have not had snow recently like they did farther north.1150414_10152107090839426_5735119744700507959_n

There have been a few farmers in the field here planting oats and wheat, and I even heard a report of 100 acres of corn already planted.  The good thing is that the cold will not let these crops germinate.  The bad part, we have no idea how long it will take for them to come up, and corn in the ground only can wait so long if it gets wet.  But with 5 feet of snow in the grove, I’m going to wait a bit.100_2645The snow will melt, trees will bud and bloom, soon there will be flowers, but until then, I stay out of the field.

We’ve had a few years when everything worked for early planting, but it is not to be this year.  Typically we get started planting about April 23.  Last year it was more like May 1.  Still, last year we had rain and we have had little of that this spring.  We need a warm rain to melt the rest of our snow and push the frost out of the ground.  For now, we wait.



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