Minnesota Farmer

Welcome rain

It’s April 23, the day the U of MN says is the average starting date of corn planting here in southwestern Minnesota, and it is raining.  You would think I would be all upset and anxious to get to planting, but I am not.  It’s still cold here.

So far this morning we have had about half an inch of welcome rain, and we need it.  At the moment our area of the state is still in a moderate drought. We’ve been in some form of drought for several years now, living shower to shower.  Even this past winter did little to help since we  really did not have our normal amount of water in our snow.  Take a look at the drought monitor below, we are not doing bad compared to many others.

So now I wait for more warm air (Not in the forecast.) and some dry (Next week?) to get started on the planting.

I did do some lawn patching in anticipation of this rain shower.  Our yard between the house and wood pile had some snow blower scalping that needed repair.  Now I have little green flags sprouting on the lawn to remind me where I have new grass coming up.100_2646All in all, this is a welcome rain that will mean a lot for the cropping year to come.  So now we wait.  Planting could start soon.



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