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OK, so I’ve gone and done it.
April 29, 2014, 9:14 pm
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To say I am an early adopter would not be true.  Yes, I did join the computer generation earlier than many did, but I was not a fan of the earliest machines.  I had used the old punch cardimages main frame machinesUnknown in college, back when $100 bought a very basic calculator.  My first computer was the 128K Apple Mac.Unknown

Adding computing power to my farm machinery has also been slow for me.  I do have some computing power in my machinery, but it is not the latest tech.  Now I went and bought an iPad Air.images

I’ve watched others with their smart gadgets, but have not really had much interest in them.  Now I have a board that I serve on that has gone paperless, and I am stuck, I had to join.

Oh, I’ve seen it coming.  Non-profits and profit companies alike are trying to cut expenses, and cutting out all of that paper is one way they have done so.  Really the number of pages we will save with just the one board of directors is a serious amount.  So here I am trying to learn this new machine and doing alright I guess.  I just hope I am ready for the next board meeting.



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