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I love the look of mischief in a child’s eye.  That glowing eye and smile of fun are just so enjoyable to me.  The look that says “I’m having fun, come join me.” makes me feel young.2012-08-04-bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed

That same look of mischief in the eye in the classroom or on the school bus can be trouble.  All too often fun can lead to chaos, so as much as I love a bit of mischief myself I have to keep an eye out for that look on the bus.  I have to let it go for a bit, but then come down hard when the line is crossed.  Knowing when to stop the mischief seems to be different for every child and I must relearn every year when to let it go, and who I can let go, and when to say “No!”

Children with electronic devices have changed bus driving.  A child, head down in an electronic device, is no trouble at all, but those near that child can be a bit of trouble.  Keeping those near the game sitting is a problem.  Everyone wants to see.  There are kids hanging over seats and crowding all around to see what is going on.  While this is not really trouble, by law every child on a school bus must be seated.  Thus the electronic device becomes trouble.UnknownI can see the allure of electronics.  I too have been sucked into an electronic game.  The problem is that they sometimes can cause trouble.  To join the modern era, our school has issued iPads to every middle and high school student.  This puts a large number of electronic devices on the school bus. Where it used to be that we could shut down the use of a DS on the bus, now we have a bus full of game pads issued by the school.  The younger students all want to get their hands on those devices that the older kids have.  Then you have trouble.

So here’s to mischief, as long as it doesn’t go to far.  But please, keep it off my bus.  I really hate to have to stop the fun.100_0762




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