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2014 corn planting progress

100_1187Scattered showers and thunderstorms have slowed corn planting progress here in southwest Minnesota but three days of beautiful planting weather have changed the corn planted numbers from near zero to almost done.  There are few corn fields left to plant as more and more farmers finish this phase of the planting season.  Most oats and wheat have emerged and are looking good.  Warmer weather is needed.  

The barn swallows are back and trees are rapidly leafing out as night time temperatures move into the upper 40’s and day time highs flirt with 70.  There is some rain in the forecast for the next 5 days and that will help push corn emergence.  Areas east of here again received more rain and are struggling with wet spots.

Back when I was in college it was said that the entire state of Iowa could be planted in 7 days if given favorable weather and I do not think that has changed.  Most northern corn belt farmers know that when the sun shines the corn must be planted.  We never know when the next day may come that we can plant.  This most critical step of the crop year is only the start of the cropping year, but mother nature does not make it easy.

Now as temperatures warm we look for rain to get those little seeds off to a good start.  All too soon the temperatures will cool and the corn needs time and sun to get ready for harvest.  In the mean time there are plenty of other jobs that need to be done.  For now we wait for drying weather and the next time I will be found looking out over a field that needs to be planted.100_1190



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After a short rain delay we finished planting our corn on the 10th of May.

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