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Still, small voice
May 13, 2014, 9:16 am
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As a farmer I live with a lot of loud noises. There are pigs fighting and tractor engines bellowing.  We have winds howling and the hard rain or hail on a steel roof.  None of these means as much as the still, small voices, those beautiful voices that are life for all.

The night-time rustle in a corn field as you can actually hear the corn grow, the gentle grunt of a mother pig nursing her piglets, the early morning songs of birds, these are the true, beautiful sounds.  These quiet voices speak the truth of life to all.

Which voices are you listening to in your life?  I hear a lot of people who seem to believe that if they say it louder it will mean it is true.  Kids in particular seem to believe this.  Many who have little evidence of what they believe they know are also loud in their arguments, and people believe them because they can hear them over the crowd.  Yet often the truth comes as a still, small voice, a calm voice that is no less passionate in its belief, but more to be believed because of its calm reason.

The next time you hear a loud voice shouting out to you, stop and ask yourself, are there really facts behind this shouting?  How strong are those facts?  Can they be, or have they been proven by others?  A one time fact does not make for an always fact.  Seek out the truth.  It is more likely to come in the still small voice than in the loud shout.


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