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Back to the country
May 15, 2014, 8:25 am
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Looking for a job?  Maybe it’s time to move back to the country.help-wanted-sign

Our local radio station and newspaper are full of help wanted ads.  Needed are nurses, truck drivers, teachers, plumbers, managers and general laborers.  We are not alone.  Many small cities and towns are looking for people to replace aging employees.  The wages may not be as high as the big city, but the costs are not either.  Fringe benefits include no rush hour traffic and neighbors who care about you.  We may not have a Walmart close by, but I bet there is one within the same driving distance you currently go to shop.  You want fresh food?  We grow it here!

Sometimes you may have trouble finding a job for your spouse in the same town, but instead of a rush hour commute, you can drive peaceful country roads for the same or less distance.  Friendly neighbors and stores where the workers will know you by name are other fringe benefits.  Instead of worrying about crime, we worry about weather.  Retirement in a small town is less expensive too.  You may already have family in the area and they will be glad to have you back.

So if you are tired of the city rush, consider coming back to the country.  We have a job waiting for you.


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It’s the result of channeling every kid into a 4 year college. The trades have a real shortage of people, while those that went to college have no experience and are stacked four deep for any job. For the record I went the four year route back in the day and it was the right route for me, but plenty of my classmates went to what were named votechs at the time. Both are good and noble pursuits.

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