Minnesota Farmer

Timely rains

Over 2 inches of rain has fallen in our area over the last 24 hours and more is on the way.  For us the timing was great, for others not so much.  I was able to get all of our corn and soybeans in the ground over a week ago.  I had a few spots that needed some replant where construction or planter troubles left open spots.  We also had some soybeans that were planted in ground with freshly applied manure that left chunks of earth that did not seal over the soybeans.  This rain will get them all off to a good start.

A trip around the state, however, will reveal some others still attempting to get wet spots, or even whole fields planted.  For them more rain is not needed.100_2701

So now we have puddles and sump pumps running.  A welcome change after we missed several showers over the last few weeks.  If this turns dry we will be looking fondly back on this rain.  Soil moisture levels are starting to normalize after three years of dry conditions and we need it.

My Koi pond is also enjoying an infusion of new water.100_2700I have two down spouts that dump roof water into the pond and this helps with fresh water recharge.  The pond level is definitely high and the fish are enjoying it.  I need to get into the pond now and get my planters refilled.  The Marsh Marigolds are done blooming, but most other plants are just getting started growing.  I also need to do some weeding.  Wet weather will give me time to get some pond work done.

Now we wait to see how much rain this set of storms will give us.  It’s a slow time for field work so we can wait a bit.  More farm work awaits.



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