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June 9, 2014, 6:31 am
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Our lonely Z cat brought out her kittens yesterday, and they are cute.  With my grand daughters being 2 years and 9 months I am sure they will get lots of loving soon.10156129_723201934410608_2066901196225246538_nBut farm cat life is not easy.  Yes, they get fed and fed well, but they are there to do a job, keep rodents on the move.

For the 35 years that I have lived here we have always had cats, but sometimes we do lose all of our cats.  Most years we come to kitten season with only one female and no males.

Yes, there have been some epic cats.  Spooky delivered two litters a year for three years and our farm cat numbers zoomed back in the years when our daughters were here to love them.  We also had a tomcat I called “Beast” who kept coming home to recover from his travels.   He was 4 years old before he disappeared.  Those years we had plenty of cats.

This year started out good with two females pregnant.  Somehow the older one disappeared, most likely killed crossing the highway.  She was the last of our old line of cats that started in a cat less year.  Z cat is of a new group that started last year when we had no kittens and we adopted her litter.  They are from a litter whose mother died on a friends farm.  She is the only one of 4 to make it to adult.  Her litter mates all died before summer was over.

1526285_723201907743944_771550681227192982_nThese little cuties will be nurtured and loved, but not too much, since life and death on the farm is the natural cycle.  No, they will never move into the house, cat allergies are common in our family.  They do have our “cat house” and wood pile to live in.  There are several out buildings for them to learn to chase mice in.  They will learn the path to the house and become flower killers and fish watchers.  With 3 young grand daughters visiting, they will be loved and carried until they run off to hide.  But in the end, they are working cats.  As soon as they start to roam about, life will get dangerous for these little predators.  We’ll give them some help, but only the lucky survive on the farm.  That is a fact of farm cat life.


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I’ve got a picture of a tom named Tiger who I remember being around for 3 or so summers. He was big! I remember his face being very flat and scarred.

Comment by Michael and Elizabeth

That was the “Beast” Nice cat, a bit scarred by life last I saw him.

Comment by Michael

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