Minnesota Farmer

My plan failed

I like to put machinery away for the year ready to go.   It makes life so much easier when you get it out for the next year.  This plan failed for our sprayer.

When the sprayer was put away last summer I did not plan on using it again.  I was getting a new one.2011_9613N_077_SmallSpecifically I was looking at a Fast Sprayers 9600N with a 60 ft. boom.  But the best laid plans get in the way and Fast Sprayers signed a contract to deliver sprayers to John Deere and they were overwhelmed by the orders.  My sprayer is not built yet, and I had to rebuild our old one for another year.

Flat tires, wheel bearings and a leaky pump all needed fixing.  There were small parts that had gone missing and seals that had cracked, but it all got put back into working shape.

Spraying weeds can be an interesting affair.  The weather conditions need to be right, not too much wind, rain or heat.  There need to be enough weeds to spray to make the expense worth the work, yet the weeds cannot be too big.  Using the correct product at the correct time and the correct rate can yield a clean field, but one thing out of whack and everything can be futile.  That is why a rig big enough and fast enough is critical.  You may use that sprayer even fewer days than you use a planter, but using it properly can be just as important.  Timing is everything.

So yesterday I got the old sprayer tuned up and most of my corn ground that needed it was sprayed.  Last night we had a little rain, and today the wind is blowing too hard.  Now I wait, and watch the weather.  Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day to finish spraying the corn ground.



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