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Ash wood and locust
June 16, 2014, 9:28 pm
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When I ran out of trees to cut for my wood pile this spring I was about two cords short of my goal.  It is always best to have some place to put the wood cut after summer storms.  Today finds me cutting two ash trees and a locust that came down in Sunday’s storm.  Ash is one of the best woods you can find in this area for winter fires, but that locust is not far behind.  The problem is that locust is very heavy at this time of year.  Lots of water in the wood.  It’s going to take time to dry them out for winter use.100_2702

Summer storms are always hard on trees.  Although winter winds can whip around at a trees branches the leaves are not present to catch the wind.  Now with trees full of sap and a full head of new leaves there is a lot to catch the wind.  The two trees that came down fell towards each other and left a mess of crossed branches to work through.  They also came down on some other small trees.  If I can save those small trees we will have something to fill in the space left by broken trees.

Now we have had more wind and rain and I can see several small branches down.  I’m sure I’ll have more clean up to do.  So I’m now adding some ash and locust to the wood pile, oh, and some maple, walnut and a few other chunks from wind broken trees.


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