Minnesota Farmer

A time of learning, a time of worship

It’s time for Synod Assembly and many groan.  They see the votes, the work, the controversy and the bother, what they do not see is what draws me back year after year.  The renewing of friendships and finding new friends, the learning and the worship.photo-3

Many of my friends show up at multiple places.  They will be at church meetings, farm meetings and political meetings.  We are all busy, caring people who get involved in many areas.  Yes, we work, but we also learn, laugh and pass on news of family.  Long lost connections can be renewed and family we seldom see can show up.  Organizational meetings are so much more than just work.

photo-4I had not seen the Olson’s for over 40 years, yet there they were at a recent political meeting.

I have had foreign and domestic travel opportunities open up.  Travel that would cost so much more if I was doing it alone is less expensive when you do it with the group.  My first tour of Europe was because of FFA.  I have been to Israel and South Africa because of church activities.  I have visited several states because of Farm Bureau and the Barbershop Harmony Society.  Along the way I have met the same people and shared many good times.

Perhaps for me the greatest part of these meetings was the learning I did.  There have been so many chances to see and study.  Tours of historical sites and seminars on current issues are only part of the learning I have had an opportunity to take part in.  I have also sampled new foods, visited museums and found out how others live in different areas of this world.

My most recent meeting was the annual meeting of the Southwest Minnesota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.  I have always enjoyed these meetings for all of the reasons above, plus the chance to worship.  There are introductions to new music from around the world, fantastic speakers and some really interesting people to visit with.

So the next time you have and opportunity to attend a meeting of a larger organization, take a chance and go.  You never know where it will lead you.


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