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Get off the Donkey
June 18, 2014, 9:52 pm
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We go through our lives being busy, there is so much to do.  When it comes to helping others, learning about those less fortunate than we are, we fail to get off the donkey.UnknownAs long as you sit there on that donkey you cannot be of help to your fellow-man.

This past weekend at Synod Assembly we had two great speakers, Rev. David Vasquez and Rev. Sunitha Mortha.   They both independently spoke about the differences of the new Christians in the U.S.  Most of these new Christians have darker skin that we Nordic types, and they come from different traditions.  Rev. Vasquez reminded us that ever since the time of Christ, Christians have been a people on the move. We move from places of no work to places where we can find work. Our future and past are both bound to those who are migrating.  Our ancestors were once immigrants.

Did you know that one-third of all immigrants to the U.S. are moving north up the I-35 corridor today?  These are people looking for work, for opportunity.  They are not the shiftless, seekers after an easy dollar that many would have you believe.   Many of these people are well-educated.  27% of our doctors in the U.S. are foreign-born, 24% of our health care workers are foreign-born, 18% of our countries small businesses are owned by recent immigrants. These are not people who are a burden on our society, but drivers of our economy.

These new people also bring their cultures with them.  Pastor Sunitha Mortha talked to us of what happens when these different cultures clash. For many, these new cultures are scary, so we judge those not like us harshly.  Can we change judgement to curiosity?  We too were once immigrants to a new land.

If you get off of your donkey, you can develop a relationship with some of these new people.  When you do that you are doing mission work.  Mission is about relationships. Where is your mission? Are you cultivating that relationship? Where is the power in that relationship.  Are you sitting on your donkey in the place of power, or are you joining in the mission to love your neighbor?  Christ taught us to wash the feet of those around us.  You cannot be like Him sitting on your donkey.


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