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The blame game
July 1, 2014, 8:00 am
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Politicians are out to stay in office.  In order to do that they need to drum up some support.  Usually they do that not by bringing people together, but by singling out a few amongst us as the enemy.  Usually it is those who are not well understood.  Those different from the voting base they are talking to.

Today another effort to separate came across my email feed.  The message talked about the decline of the U.S. and how that as a democracy our days may be numbered.  No other democracy has lasted over 200 years, and they were predicting a bad end for our blessed country.  They tried to blame the end of our nation on the immigrants coming into our land of opportunity.  That is where they are wrong.

Currently many of those newest workers in the U.S. are coming into the heartland of our nation.  Did you know that one-third of all immigrants to the U.S. are moving north up the I-35 corridor today?  These are people looking for work, for opportunity.  They are not the shiftless, seekers after an easy dollar that many would have you believe.   Many of these people are well-educated.  27% of our doctors in the U.S. are foreign-born, 24% of our health care workers are foreign-born, 18% of our countries small businesses are owned by recent immigrants. These are not people who are a burden on our society, but drivers of our economy.

We look at these others and see people we do not understand.  We tend to forget that we too are of immigrant stock.  My own family is only here since the mid 1800’s.  We have only been here for half of this country’s history.  Our ancestors came here for work just as these newest workers do.

Many of the newest workers in our society are willing to take jobs that our own children do not want.  They process our meat and pick our fruit.  They clean our hotels and take care of our children and grandparents.  They do the dirty, hard jobs so we can live well without thinking about all of that yucky stuff like blood and shit.

It is not these newest ones who are bringing our country down, it is our own children, and yes, the government we voted for that allows us a life of ease.  Americans have voted for the easy life and that would be our demise if it were not for the infusion of new hard working residents in our midst, most of them here legally, but a few of them illegally.  They are here not to take from those already here, but to feed themselves and their families.  Some flee a much harder life of poverty and war, of gangs and bad government.  If we give them jobs, they will stay and thrive as our ancestors did.  If we shut them out, then we are indeed headed for the downfall of democracy.


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Good! Lets have the Boarder Patrol bring all these people up to your nice little farm in Minnesota and have you take care of them. Are you for real? you obviously have no idea as to what has been going on along our Southern Boarder. Go see what it’s like to live, not visit, but to live in one of the many communities in the Southwest that are being over crowded by illegal immigration from across the southern boarder. I assure you that these are not the well educated you think they are. These people are their countries poorest and least educated. They certainly do burden our society e.g. overcrowded schools and healthcare systems, etc. You must be an “open boarders” and lets take all the worlds poor and hungry kind of guy. That is until the day YOUR community and farm are over run by uncontrolled illegal immigration from across our southern boarder. You sound like a bright, articulate and well read man, but in this case, I think you need to check your facts a little better.

Comment by mike

I live in that I-35 area, they are already here. When they get this far I do not know if they are illegal or not, but I do know they are doing jobs that kids who grow up here do not want to do. They are adding to our areas problems, yet they are hard working. We do not feel over run, we feel blessed to have people here working in businesses and paying taxes.
I’m not for open borders, but I am for open hearts.

Comment by Michael

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