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July 8, 2014, 3:22 pm
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It seems to be hardwired into a cats DNA.  Mouse smell means food.100_2740

In cleaning out the last bin of corn today I disturbed a mouse nest.  Mom mouse got away, but three toddling babies did not.  I captured those small mice and took them to see if our kittens knew what mouse smell meant.  The growls from our little killers said they do.

Their mom insisted on inspecting each mouse to be sure it would not get away, then she let her kittens have them.  Now our kittens are well fed, but there is something about mouse that brings out the killer in a cat.  But well fed kittens do wish to play, and since mom lets them play with their food, they had a load of fun before they either ate or lost those mice.  These little predators are growing into their job, soon they will be out catching bugs on their own, and when they get fast enough they will be catching their own rodents.

There was one problem however today.  I had three small mice and four small cats.  There was a lot of growling going on.  Special toys need lots of protection from jealous siblings.


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