Minnesota Farmer

July 10th, 2014 crop report

From May 30th to the end of June we had over 11 inches of rain.  Before the rain I would have put our entire crop as in excellent condition.  As the rains continued, crop conditions deteriorated.  Corn, soybeans and alfalfa that is standing in water, or saturated ground cannot get the proper root growth for nutrient uptake.  The plants will either start to deteriorate or die.

Now that we have had 10 days of almost rain free weather crop conditions are improving.100_2745Still, corn can go from yellow and stunted to tall and green in just a few feet.  It is going to be an interesting harvest with the stunted corn lagging behind the rest of the field in maturity.100_2741Large areas of our corn here in southwestern Minnesota are uneven.  Weeds are moving into the areas of short corn to further hurt yields.  Soils that were wet for long periods of time will take a while to recover.100_2743The overall area that was downed out and replanted to soybeans is not great, but expected yields from soybeans planted in early July are not great.  Still an attempt must be made to keep the ground covered with some crop.

I would now put our crop conditions in the area to no more than 50% good to excellent.  That could change as warm dry summer weather continues, but now a long-term cooling trend is forecast.  We need hot and dry now to help our crops recover.  No one ever said that farming was going to be easy on the nerves.



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