Minnesota Farmer


There is just something about hitting that perfect chord that sends chills through my body.  I got them again today as I sang with the Chordhultlers Chorus.

I have sung with the Chordhuslters Chorus for almost 40 years now.  We sing four-part a cappella harmony usually in the Barbershop style.  Our chorus is part of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

Today we finished our third Sunday of touring churches.  In those three Sundays we have sung in 21 churches in the area.  We sing three songs in a church then march out to go to another church.  Now not every church is the same to sing in.  Some are easier and some are harder to sing in.  Those whose acoustics make it easiest to sing in are the ones that are most likely to bring on the chills.

This year we are singing something new that has given me chills almost every time we sing it.  It is not Barbershop style, but it is cool none the less.  The song is called ” Alleluia” and it is written SATB by Andrew Miller.  To sing it four parts for male voices we have the tenors sing the alto line an octave up, the baritones sing the tenor line and the leads sing the soprano line.  This changes the chord a bit, but really makes it pop.  Each of the four parts may be singing the same word, but rarely at the same time and the mixture of words and notes when we all join in on the central verse is truly awesome.

Until you have felt that chill of the perfect chord in the perfect place you cannot understand why we practice for hours and enjoy our hobby so much.  It’s the chills that keep bringing me back for more.


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