Minnesota Farmer

Rain makes grass

Here it is the first week in September and my lawn looks like spring.  Our weather for most of August has been cool and wet and the grass has been growing fast.  I’ve mown my lawn three times in the past week!  This is not what is expected of an August lawn in southwestern Minnesota, it should be brown and dry!


Our crops are also looking wonderful!  With the cool weather, the maturity of the corn has been delayed so there is no sign that fall is on the way.  The soybeans have also been taking advantage of the extra moisture and the bean size is growing.  Only a scattered few soybean fields are showing a few yellow leaves.  It is going to be a bit before harvest here.

The wet weather has made harvesting hay a real challenge.  There have been very few alfalfa cuttings that have been harvested in prime condition.  Most of it has been rained on or put up a bit wet to avoid getting rained on.  Grass hay has also been harvested at less than optimal times.  The cows are going to be eating a lot of moldy hay this winter.

Grasshoppers are also in abundance.  Usually a wet, cool year is not the best time for large grasshopper numbers, but this year has them all over the place.  Birds that depend on insects for the growth of their young are having an easy time this year.  We have a wild turkey hen who is keeping her brood in the area.  They all look fat as they work the field edges that are preferred by the hoppers.


This has also been a bumper year for weeds!  Weed escapes are showing up in a lot of fields.  The wet weather made weed control difficult.  Since I am allergic to ragweed pollen, I am not happy about healthy weeds.



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