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Beaver Work
October 10, 2014, 8:08 am
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We rent a farm that has a creek running through it.  Usually at this time of year it is dry or just a trickle of water in it.  With all of the rain in August this year it is still running strong.  This has attracted some unwanted attention from a beaver.


Normally I would not pay much attention to his work.  The water is not backing up onto crop land, but his placement of the dam was unfortunate.  He put it just right to cause trouble for drainage tile.  Now when I get time I go out and drag out part of the dam so the water can empty from that tile line.  For now that is all I will do.  Come trapping season, he’ll have other worries.

If we can catch him, then I will get more serious about dam removal.  The obstruction he has placed will divert the water and create erosion on a bank we want to keep stable.  His digging has removed grass and roots that keep the bank from eroding away.  That damage will have to be repaired.  Not all of his work will be bad.  The widened channel will provide a new opportunity for other plants and animals to access water.  It will be interesting to see what becomes of his old pond.


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