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In opposite directions
November 10, 2014, 10:13 am
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While gasoline and oil prices are dropping, another essential fuel is going up in price, Diesel.


Over the weekend, gasoline prices in our area went down 10 cents and diesel went up 50 cents.  Why should this concern you?  Because the price of everything you buy is dependent on diesel-powered trucks, trains and ships to get it to your house.  Farmers depend on diesel-powered equipment to harvest food for your table and grocery store shelves are filled by diesel-powered trucks making deliveries.  School, city and charter buses use diesel to deliver people everyday.  Diesel is the lifeblood of commerce.

There have been some efforts made to change diesel-powered equipment to natural gas or propane, but the change is slow.  Pressurized tanks for propane and natural gas are expensive and fueling stations are rare.  For now we depend on diesel.

The last time diesel prices were this high, transportation companies added fuel surcharges to their deliveries.  I expect that to happen again.  Look for cruise ship vacations and chartered bus trips to cost more also.  There just is no way to avoid paying for higher priced fuel.  So next time you fill up your tank and celebrate the lower gas prices, take a look at the price of diesel.  You are paying for that fuel also with every purchase of every product you use.


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