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December 31, 2014, 10:55 pm
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Happy new year.  But it really is not that new.

I know, I know, it’s the cynic in me being all Bah Humbug again, but I never did understand this thing about new year celebrations.  So few people take the time to use the next year and make something new of it.  They just keep on doing the same old thing.  New years celebrations just seem to be the opportunity for folks to go out and do stupid things.  The start of a new year is just not important enough to celebrate.  There are some things I do find worth celebrating though.

New life.  I’m a grandfather again this past year.  Watching Gwendolyn grow, now that is worth celebrating!  I do so love watching my grand daughters make discoveries.  As a farmer I’ve seen the start of lots of new lives, they are all worth celebrating.

New beginnings, like weddings, or new jobs, or retirement, those are worth celebrating.  Wow, there is so much worth celbrating there.

New industries.  While many of you were not watching there was the introduction of the first celulosic ethanol plant here in the U.S.  A brand new industry that many people thought was not possible, and some even worked to prevent.  Think of all the new opportunities a new industry can provide.

Peace.  Although the news services trumpet the rage and destruction of life in sense less murders and wars there really has been an advancement towards peace this year as fewer people were killing each other than at any time in the modern age.  Now if only we could all see that peace, if all would walk away from doing harm to our fellow human beings.

New friends.  Yeah, I’ve made a few this year, and I’ve seen the enriching of several of my old friendships.  So to all of you in this new year, I wish you all sorts of happyness.  May their be peace, love and friendship all around you.  May you be witness to new life and may you experience a real new beginning, not just a new year.


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