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And they wonder why
February 14, 2015, 1:41 pm
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The U.S. Postal Service is changing its policies and raising its rates, they need more money to operate because no one uses the mail any more.  Well is there any wonder why?


Have you used the U.S. Postal Service lately?  Have you actually looked at how long it takes something to arrive at your door?  Letters that I used to get in one day now take a week!  Something mailed from 4 miles away now must make a trip of over 300 miles just to get to my house.  Is this efficiency?  If the U.S. Postal Service goes down, it will be its own fault.


The news says that the U.S.Postal Service is selling its old trucks.  They are not efficient enough in this time of fewer letters and packages to carry.  They need something new.  But they will still be the same old U.S. Postal Service.


The U.S.Postal Service seems to working on a pony express model in the computer age.  The pony express was cutting edge at one time but they were eliminated by the telegraph.  Without some real  changes I see the U.S. Postal Service going the way of the pony express.  Cutting back will not bring new customers.  It’s time to innovate and a government agency is not good at innovation.

The U.S. Postal Service was once the envy of the world, now it is just an unchanging dinosaur.



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I am sorry but on this issue I will have to disagree with you. I believe the Post Office does a great job and at a very reasonable price! Where else can I send a letter from Barrow Alaska to Key West Florida for $.49? Not FedEx, UPS or any other carriers. If the Post Office were allowed to operate as a true business things would certainly be different for them. With congress dictating to them how they have to operate from pricing to days open to mandates it’s no wonder they have financial problems.

As an example:

The U.S. Postal Service lost $1.3 billion during the first quarter, but it could have turned a $100 million profit if not for a congressional mandate. Congress passed a statute in 2006 requiring the early payment of 75 years worth of retiree benefits within 10 years. No other federal agency is forced to make such an investment.

I will take the Post Office services and pricing over UPS, FedEx and their high prices any day. Of course I was born and raised in the 1900’s and thus do not demand immediate gratification. If I order something and it takes a week to get to me I am a happy customer! I plan ahead and allow for the shipping time and save money too boot!

Comment by Don singsaas

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