Minnesota Farmer

Weekend projects

I’ve been working on a pair of woodworking projects that have been on my mind for a while.  Both are from materials of opportunity, found things, that will make for unique items. Garden Bench100_3104 The garden benches are made from weathered 2X12’s that once were part of a cattle yard fence.  The wood has incredible weathering patterns and bits of lichen that add to the look.  I had actually made two of these last winter and have now made two more.  I have material to make a few more depending on how the material can be worked in each plank.  Not every part is suitable for legs or seat, some parts are not even usable for the stretchers.  Joints are glued and all screws are hidden.  This bench must stay unfinished, but placed in a secluded, shaded spot, it will look like it has always been there.  I sold one of them for $80.  The three that are left are for sale. Slab Chair 100_3105100_3106 This is my first attempt at making a chair.  The material is from a pair of spruce trees that were cut down by our house.  There is a bit of work needed to finish this piece.  Working with unusually shaped lumber adds some difficulty.  I hope to make more, but production of these will also be limited.  The orange strap is to hold it while the glue dries.  No screws here, wooden dowels hold it together.  I’ll finish it off with a sealant of some kind to preserve the wood.  Not sure what I would sell this for. These have both been interesting projects that took a bit of thinking to figure out how to do.  The bench was much easier, but the chair has been more interesting to build.


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