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Rain, Glorious rain

We’ve been in a bit of a dry spell here in Southwestern Minnesota.  Our winters snowfall was well below normal and spring rains have been few and far between.  This dry spell has allowed us to make record planting progress on our corn and soybeans despite cooler temperatures.

Frankly, I have been more than a little concerned about the dry.  Rivers, creeks and lakes are at low levels.  Field tile have had some water in them, but not much.  Any stirring of the soil surface has created lots of dust.  There is some moisture in the soil, but is it enough to keep the crops going?  We needed rain!

Today’s weather has helped that immensely.  In the last 24 hours we have now had about nine-tenths of an inch of rain.  Mostly it came down slowly, just drizzling out of the sky.  There were a few episodes where the sky cut loose, but not many.  This is just what we needed.  Crops will now be off to a good start.  When will it rain next?


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Hi Michael. I stumbled onto your blog the other day. It is great. I have somewhat of an odd request. I am currently getting my Master’s Degree in Rural Development through a program in Europe. When I graduate, my hope is to find a job working on agriculture policy in Minnesota and the midwest. I grew up on a corn/soybean/wheat farm in South Dakota. And although I never thought this would be my path when I was a teenager, I have found my passion lies with helping and advocating for farmers like my dad. I will be back in Minnesota in August and September before returning to Germany for my final semester in Europe. When I am back this summer, I have this amazing opportunity to work with State Representative Erin Murphy on a piece of ag legislation – whatever issue want – which she will introduce next legislative session; however, I will admit that being out of MN for the last 11 months, I am not up to date on some of the issues facing farmers today an even if any of these issues can possibly be addressed with new/revised legislation. I have been reaching out to numerous farmers around the state to get their ideas, and I was wondering if you perhaps had any? Feel free to reply to this comment or email me (emily . nachtigal @ gmail . com – no spaces). Thank you for your consideration.

Comment by Emily

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