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A little sun, a little rain
May 14, 2015, 8:07 am
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After a below normal moisture winter and early spring, the rains have begun to come.  We’ve had a little sun, a little rain, and not much for heat.  Still corn is beginning to emerge and soybeans to sprout.  Every time we get a dry period I see more and more fields that have been planted.  We are by no means done with planting here in Southwestern Minnesota, but we are getting closer.

The lack of heat is causing some distress for the corn plants that have emerged.  Long periods of cloudy wet weather leave young corn plants looking a bit yellow.  Then we get a dry, warmer day or two and the corn plants get a chance to green up as they draw nutrients out of the soil.

Topsoil moisture conditions have improved greatly.  Now they are almost a bit too wet when you dig down a few inches.  Still the subsoil areas are dry and that keeps the water on the top moving down.  I’ve even seen some recovery of small ponds and creeks as the rains continue.  That is really good news.

I’m just about done with planting soybeans.  I’ve been waiting for a tile repair crew to come into the last area I have to plant.  That crew showed up yesterday, and today it rains.  So now I wait for a bit more dry and some heat.  Once the soil conditions are right I only need part of a day to finish planting.  We’ll get the planting done when the weather allows.


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Michael, if you have a minute I have a corn question for you. My neighbor here in Alaska has tried many years to grow sweet corn in his garden with limited success. He told me he had heard that corn needs a light and dark cycle to grow properly. Being that we have 24 hour daylight here in the summer it would appear that the light/dark cycle may have merit. He tried an experiment a couple of years ago in that in the evening he covered the corn plants with black garbage bags to shield the plant from the light. It gave him the best crop he has ever had but still not close to what the Midwest produces. Have you ever heard of this?

Comment by Don

Never heard of it, but it makes sense. Corn is developed from a Central American plant and is may hold that bias. I do know we are told that corn “needs” night to “rest” so it can produce the best.

Comment by Michael

Interesting, thanks for your insight!

Comment by Don

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