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Of farm cats and hard decisions
May 16, 2015, 10:16 am
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After over 60 years on the farm you would think some of the decisions would be easier, but they still are not.

Our current herd of farm cats has expanded again.  Our southwest Minnesota farm has always had trouble keeping farm cats.  That is why I really do not do anything to control them.  Nature always will thin them down over time.  There has been many a spring when we have only one or none left.  This spring we have four, “Mama Z” and three of her four kittens from last year.  Two of them are female.

Farm cats are essential.  They keep little rodents on the move and thin out the un-wary or sick.  Only the fittest survive in the wild, semi domesticated world in which they live.

Mama Z had her litter earlier this spring and last I saw, her four were healthy and growing well.  They were born in an old chicken nest and kept there until they could move around well.  Since she moved them under the wood pile I have only seen one kitten, so I have no idea how many are left.  Some day they will emerge and then I will learn how many have survived.

During last nights rain our two young mothers had their kittens, five each.  The problem is they decided to have them in a corner right next to the house.  There are several out buildings they could have had them in, all protected and dry, but no, they were out in the open.

This is a problem.  First off, five kittens for any young mother is too many, even if they are in good health.  If they are born in a protected place it is easier for them all to survive.  By the time I found them, half the kittens were either dead, or barely alive.  One of the young mothers was showing the sense needed to protect her babies.  Her five were cleaned and protected by her body.  The others were not.

It always distresses me to have to make these decisions on life or death, but it had to be done.  The poor little dead bodies were cleaned up and the protective mother and her kittens were placed in a box and moved to the old chicken house.  Our other mother may or may not have another litter this summer.  She will be lonely for a while, but must mature more if she wishes to keep her brood.  Life is never easy when you are small and vulnerable.


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Mike, just last week I told a story to a couple of friends about the time my dad informed a litter of kittens had to be dispatched. We just had too many cats around (and we really did). He probably knew this was a good way for me to learn that sometmes life or death decisions for animals have to be made for the good of the herd.

Comment by Prairie Bob

its a good read. with a personal touch it sounds like a nice kids story. thanks.

Comment by cavs

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