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There was a time
April 24, 2016, 6:47 am
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There was a time when we really needed the equipment we now have, but changes in the farm make much of it way to big.

I’ll soon be 63, my dad is 86.  In our younger years we had half of our income coming from pork production.  We had a birth to market plan the kept us busy year round.  As our bodies aged we got out of feeding those pigs, and being pushed around by and run into by those animals.  It was taking a toll on our bodies.  Think being hit by a 200+ pound line-backer in the knees every day.

The farmland we work has also been reduced.  We now farm 64% of the land we used to.  One farm was sold, and the other was rented at a rate that I just could no longer justify.  So here we sit with all this machinery and less work to do.  True, my dad at 86 is doing less of the work around here, but even if I was to do all the work alone we have way more machinery than we really need.

So now to the reason for this posting.  It will take me just three or four days to get all of my corn planted this year and another three days to plant the soybeans.  Yes, they will be long days, but I still will get up in the morning and drive a school bus route before going off to plant.  So if I seem a little laid back about planting season, I have a reason, It just does not take as long for me to get my crop in the ground as it used to.


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