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My how we’ve changed
August 20, 2016, 8:41 am
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It’s class reunion time for our Windom Schools Class of ’71, my how we’ve changed.  Forty-five years ago 123 students left Windom Schools for the last time as students.  Since then we’ve been everywhere.

I had a bit of fun catching up with classmates last night and we’ll meet again tonight. We’re all older, wiser and sounding like our parents, Shocking! This morning I went digging around and found our old yearbook, tucked away in the back of a shelf behind more used items. In it I found news letters from the 5th and 10th class reunions, my we’ve been everywhere and now we are all settling down to contemplate retirement, what changes.


Our class was the first to graduate from the “new” high school and last to attend classes as seniors from the old building. (we moved in April of 1971.)  There is so much history in that move.

We went out and made history in many ways after that.  Some stayed in Windom, others left and never looked back.  Some stayed for a while, others worked elsewhere and now are back again.  Our class is now scattered across the globe and we’ve traveled most of this world of ours.  Those who attended this years gathering live on both coasts of the U.S. and many places in-between.  We’ve done important jobs in so many places and passed on our small town views and work ethic to our children.

Not all of our class will be able to attend.  A few class members have died along the way and some are fighting disease or injury.  Some members just live too far away to be here with no other reason to come back.  There are also those who just are not interested.  Still, we’ll enjoy our time with those who attend.

So here’s to the class of ’71!  Your time is not yet over, so live it up.  We still have history to write and memories to make.  Enjoy the ride!


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