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Weenan Game Reserve
August 21, 2017, 2:41 pm
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Weenen Game reserve is a smaller game park (4906 hectares= about 19 sq. mile) located 25 km north-east of Estcourt.  Its easy access for us meant an easy day trip to a game park rather than the longer trip to more famous game parks.

The park at Weenen does not contain elephants or lions, but it is well populated with ostrich, zebra, giraffe and bush pig (warthog).  They also have rhinos, but we saw none of those.  Several types of antelope are also in residence. 

Weenen is a drive yourself game park with some camping, hiking and picnicking spots available.  You can easily drive all of the roads in a day, but some of the roads are not meant for vans like we were driving.

I must tell you, that I was one of the drivers on this trip, as such I did not have the opportunity to take wildlife pictures on the road.  Also this was my 3rd trip to an African game reserve, so I have plenty of pictures of wildlife.

We stopped for pictures and a picnic lunch at the Bushman River canyon on the southeast edge of the park.

Looking west, down the river we looked into a wilderness that had no roads for tourist access. A truly wild magnificence of African thorn veld.  Grass growing between thorny trees and bushes abound.  A perfect place for the animals living there.

Looking east, we saw the valley open up into the farms and ranches the readily available water made so easy to irrigate.

As we made our way back to the exit we made a turn onto a one-way road that was not meant for our Hyundai 8 passenger vans.  Dale and I carefully navigated the ruts and cuts of a road that was truly magnificent in its views.  More than once we turned corners to see a road cut from the side of a cliff.  One time we had to remove an obstruction from the road before we could continue, and another hard rock-cut came so close to the doors we could not have opened them.

This is not a game park to visit if you are looking for the most dangerous of African animals, but the views are stunning and animals can often be right on the road in front of you.  The location just a short distance off of the N3 make it a convenient place to take a break on travels through the area.  Few visit this park, perhaps some day you will.



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