Minnesota Farmer


I awakend this morning expecting blowing snow and no possibility of travel, instead we have about 3 inches of snow, some snow packed roads and excellent visibility.  What is this?  Can’t we even throw a decent blizzard anymore?

Forecasts earlier this week hinted at up to two feet of snow and white-out conditions.  For the last three days the National Weather Service has predicted a blizzard, instead we fizzle again.  Local weather folks are getting to be known as the boy who cried “WOLF!”

Now being Minnesota born and raised I know a good blizzard.  In my 60 plus years I’ve seen some dandies.  I remember days where we could not move because we could not see.  Struggling out to the barns to be sure the animals had food and water with ice hanging from our faces happened many a time in my younger years.  Only a few years back we had drifts 10 feet high along the roads with weekly school closings and impossible travel for days, now, nothing.  I’ve spent days cleaning the snow off of my yard in previous years, even beating the snow plow down the road at times.  This year the snow removal has been only of minor snows.  Where is winter?

Snowmobilers, ice fishermen and other winter enthusiasts are whining about the lack of snow and cold.  We could just as well live in Iowa for all of the snow we are getting.

Oh well, we’ll roll with what is delivered, but I do wish they would get their forecasts right once in a while.  img_0291


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